Jan. 24th, 2009

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I love walnuts. I used to hate them when I was a kid because all the ones that come from a typical grocery store, you know the ones in the baking section, they're always rancid or near-rancid. So, maybe 10 years ago I started buying the ones from Whole Foods in the bulk section, and I've always wondered how in the hell did they have really good walnuts all year long, every year. I mean, totally, consistent quality, all the time. So I've worked them into my diet, I have some in some manner every day, because I believe in moderation they are extremely good for one's diet.

Something happened about 2 months ago...for the first time ever, their walnuts are just awful. I told someone who worked there in the Raleigh store about it, and he removed the entire bulk container of them...I'm sure it went back up after I left, because they are an expensive commodity. It's not just the store I go to, I checked the one over in Durham as well, and same deal...rancid. How can somebody not be quality-checking something like this? I know, I know, starving children in Africa. But damn...my nuts!


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