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...friends only. If there are some posts that are public, they ain't staying that way.
brianrdu: (Default) have a fall/winter garden. DETERMINED.
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..."Gran Torino" is all kinds of awesome. I love those mean old faces only Clint Eastwood can make, and I love all that cussing he does. I laughed my ass off in places, and my eyes welled up a few times too...and I watched the credits all the way to the end, which I really never do. I wrote about this on Facebook, but I do really recommend this one, and I'm sorry I hated that boxing movie he did (and his butchering of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil", but I dare not say that on Facebook as The Lady Chablis is a friend over there and I would hate to get the shank) so much that I managed to not see this one in theatres.

And while I'm at it, I really also loved "Drag Me To Hell". That movie wasted no chance of getting old lady green spew into the mouth of the lead actress. My friend and I were howling with laughter at the $1.50 movies, but other people around us were scared, which brings the lols all over again.


Aug. 15th, 2009 12:06 pm
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...where were we?


Jun. 6th, 2009 11:01 am
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...the price to pay for living somewhere where things are green. Otherwise, meh. One would think at this point that I would have gotten used to it, but 'fraid not.

Hopefully this coffee I'm drinking is going to kick in soon, because I'm feeling like a very slothy sloth.

That's all I got.
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...the jalapeno that I put in the guacamole I made earlier this evening was of the "blow your mind" category, since my teeth and gums are pulsating 10 minutes after eating some. I wish it wasn't so erratic with jalapenos, as one can never really tell, but maybe that's part of the fun.

I saw a pretty good drag show tonight at the local bar where things of that sort go on...sort of a surprise. I also managed to spill half a drink on myself, and the hind leg and foot of a person in front of me, who had on shorts and flipflops, and gave me the stink eye for 20 minutes, never mind my profuse apologies.

I think I'm on the market again.
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...I sort of think we dodged a bullet around here today. I was at the coffee shop, and I did notice on the way back to Raleigh from points north that the rain was coming down in buckets. The sky was dark, then lightened as I approached the city, with one of those lines of clouds stretched from horizon to horizon, and although it was sort of cool when I left Durham, it was warm when I got to Raleigh. Sort of weird and...tornadic! I got to Cup A Joe and got my customary stuff, bought a paper (since the recycle box had been raided of anything worth reading...I won't give more than a mention to the psycho that rips the same parts of all the papers out every day. Who DOES that?), and sat down. Then the lightning really got going outside, the rain started falling heavier and heavier, and I opened my laptop and looked at the radar on the local TV station's website. Conditioned to the weatherman's talk of a "hook" in the radar of a storm, I noticed that there indeed was one of these in a storm immediately to the west of town. The sky outside was getting darker and darker, the bonk-bonk-bonk sound came on on the radio, so I did a refresh of the main page on the TV station's website, which confirmed that there was a possible tornado near Cary (west of Raleigh), and headed due east. People started walking outside to look at a cloud formation that was swirling, and I admit, I took a look, then got the hell back inside and did a quick scope out of where to run if things got crazy. Everybody was very nervous...I called a friend who lives between where I was and where the original activity was reported, and she kept me up to date on what the news was saying, that there was no sighting of a tornado, but the radar was reporting some rotation. People were nervous and either quiet (me) or sort of fearfully chatting with lowered voices...the staff propped the front door open with a chair, and there were sirens sounding from NC State down the street (I had always wondered if the sirens on poles down there were for tornadoes, or in case of an accident at the nuke plant 20 or so miles west...guess I found out today). I have never heard these sirens before, in my 16 years of living here, so it was quite eerie. The whole shebang passed within 10 minutes, and then the news was reporting that it was moving right house. I still haven't been home yet, sort of trusting that nothing weird happened. That would be a dragggggggggg. Anyway...a weirdly mentally active afternoon, when all I was hoping for was to unwind and get a little work done. And how was YOUR day?


May. 5th, 2009 01:34 pm
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I just had lunch with coworkers at a Chinese joint (not the more authentic restaurants I like, but one of those Americanized places that leave you with an MSG headache). Over lunch, I was sitting next to a new guy at work who I'm getting to know better, and I was telling him how my house is sort of triangulated between the two titty bars in Raleigh, and then we got to talking about movie theatres nearby (we live on the same side of town), and then were talking about upcoming summer movies, and THEN he said "I don't go see movies unless Dave White [ [ profile] djmrswhite ] gives them a good review." I about choked on my chicken and black bean sauce...and then he said "My girlfriend swears by him too." It was his turn to choke on his chicken and broccoli when I said "He's a friend of mine!"...and then went back to removing those weird baby corncobs from my food. I don't get those things at all, man.
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Of course, as I typed that, I just remembered that a friend on Facebook reported they just saw the HBO dramatization of "Grey Gardens" (which I loved), and is calling everybody "chicken" like Big Edie Beale. I need to watch this again ASAP, followed by the original documentary and then "The Beales of Grey Gardens", both of which I currently have on hand via Netflix.

ANYWAY...the framework of my new chicken house is up in my back yard. I went to the Habitat ReStore store and bought a used window (to be mounted sideways on the inner wall of the coop for easy cleaning, etc.) and a used door for the exterior. I'm putting enough dough into it that the guys building it are laughing that it's WAY too fancy for a bunch of chickens. I don't care, bear! I want them safe and secure, and I'd like it to be presentable. We'll see. If it looks like a pile of shit, it won't be for lack of trying.

So far, the mystery plant of 2009 in my compost pile is a potato plant, obviously from a rogue potato skin thrown in there at some point during the winter. This is a welcome surprise, as the past two years, there have been myriad tomatoes (from squeezing plum tomatoes when cooking, and this ends up in the pile) and some previously noted butternut squash (including last year's Audrey, which generated 12 squash, 3 of which are still on my dining room table). I'm trying to talk my parents into making a compost pile. The plants in the yard really love the results when it's added to their environment, much more than just chemical fertilizer. Plus, diverting all that sort of stuff really makes the trash a lot less smelly.

Oh, hay!

Apr. 14th, 2009 08:33 pm
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No really...hayyyyy!!!

That being said, we are all full, no more room at the inn.
brianrdu: (Default)'s I went and got me a laugh. Actually bunches. I hung out with my LJ/Facebook/IRL friend [ profile] steven, visiting family here this weekend. This is visit number 2 in six months, and I'm thinking somebody needs to move on down here. After meeting at the Farmer's Market and checking out the produce, we went on a drive across the cities in the area, and I was happy he noticed how far a drive it is from Raleigh to Durham. I wonder how many people think they are connected somehow. That hyphen that is often placed between the two is 20 miles wide. I think I put on 10lbs. in the process...completely willing to just shovel the grub in. I strapped on the feedbag at The Remedy Diner downtown this morning. We got breakfast there, complete with lovely vegan coconut cream pie, created by my friend Caroline. We then walked down Hargett Street, past the people sitting at sidewalk tables at The Raleigh Times, to Fayetteville Street, where we walked down to the end, actually, the construction barriers to the new plaza. I wanted to see the ballroom at The Sir Walter Raleigh apartments, which are supposedly untouched from the days that this building was a society gathering spot, but now that it's an old folks home (for now, anyway), the doors are locked out front. Didn't stop me from trying them. Oh well, project for another day. We then walked back down the street and saw a bar I'm curious about, Foundation, and walked down the stairs and checked it out. I'm so happy that these cool new places in town are smoke-free. I'm looking forward to hanging out there in the months to come as I get my life back on track...after some downtime that I haven't discussed much. We then walked back to the car...oh wait, we did check out an intact 50s-60s drugstore that Steven said smelled like wig stands. Steven, you can explain this, I refuse to do so. Then it was off to Cup A Joe for some coffee for the road, then on to Durham to check out progress on that city's revitalization. I'm still casting a skeptical eye at the old Liggett Myers Chesterfield cigarette building being a viable renovation, because it's so huge, but they have done such a good job with the other hulking warehouses I guess the people in charge deserve some slack. We checked out stuff downtown, such as the Merge Records HQ (Arcade Fire's label!), 9th Street, a quick stop at Locopops for some goodness, then on to Duke so Steven could check out the chapel and the Duke bookstore. After this, it was on to Chapel Hill and Carrboro, where piggy here wanted to eat AGAIN...this time, Carrburritos was the chow of choice. I then rolled and Steven walked to the car, and it was back to Raleigh for...*drumroll* more Locopops, then back to the Farmer's Market so he could meet his family for dinner.

Steven, move here now!

Pics cribbed from Facebook... )
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...I had to strip to my drawers today and get inspected by multiple people at the dermatologist's office. Instead of my suspected food allergy, NO, sorry...poison ivy. All over, everywhere. Cortisone shot in the ass, why-not-since-I'm-there-and-stripped mole check, and I was on my way. Hopefully I can sidestep the possible steroid-y side effects of weight gain and being short-tempered. Well, more than usual, anyway.
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Morrissey, Kathy Griffin, Joan Jett...and now *drumroll*...Bettye LaVette! Things are looking up around here this spring/summer, say I. The amphitheatre at the art museum is a great place to see a show, and Bettye is fantastic.
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...AT SOME POINT, but I love this video as well as the song. What's wrong with me? I don't have anybody even in my radar at this point, and this song is making me silly. Oh wait, wine. But still! I love it.
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I love walnuts. I used to hate them when I was a kid because all the ones that come from a typical grocery store, you know the ones in the baking section, they're always rancid or near-rancid. So, maybe 10 years ago I started buying the ones from Whole Foods in the bulk section, and I've always wondered how in the hell did they have really good walnuts all year long, every year. I mean, totally, consistent quality, all the time. So I've worked them into my diet, I have some in some manner every day, because I believe in moderation they are extremely good for one's diet.

Something happened about 2 months ago...for the first time ever, their walnuts are just awful. I told someone who worked there in the Raleigh store about it, and he removed the entire bulk container of them...I'm sure it went back up after I left, because they are an expensive commodity. It's not just the store I go to, I checked the one over in Durham as well, and same deal...rancid. How can somebody not be quality-checking something like this? I know, I know, starving children in Africa. But nuts!


Jan. 18th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Renee Fleming gets me every time...(watching the We Are One concert via streaming HBO).
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...I really hate whistling. I mean it just bothers the living crap out of me, I don't know why. However, here is one instance where it not only doesn't bother me, it's an interesting element to a song, and that song is Aimee Mann's "Little Tornado", which is the simplest little song about a tornado. HOWEVER, it might be about all sorts of things, meandering, powerful forces moving through people's lives. I love it, I love her, and I love her latest record, "@#%&_! Smilers". How can you not love a title like that? You know those people who @#%&_! smile all the time.

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I'm trying to figure out if it's the climate, or what, but...Christmas just got over with, and hello, spring has already started outside. The daffodils have already sent up their foliage, the bearclaw hellebore is unfurling its bloom spike, the 'First Breath of Spring' bush has opened its first flowers, the daphne on the north side of the house is budding out. It WAS a goal of mine to have something always blooming, and I guess that's the case, but this is just weird. Again, it might be me.


Jan. 1st, 2009 09:52 am
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I slept through a (hopefully short-lived) cold. Anyway...


...and the dark cloud over this country lifts.
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I had some extra dough hanging out on Amazon due to a gift certificate, so I decided I should grab Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation", which I last listened to in 8th or 9th grade. What a GREAT record. It sounds incredible...Joan really had (and hopefully still has) chops.
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